Investment Committee

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Investment Committee

Asset Allocation decisions

The committee decides on the long run blend of assets we hold for our clients, so decides how much of our clients’
money goes into equities, bonds and property for different risk levels. The committee also analyses market and economic data each quarter to take shorter term tactical decisions on positioning our clients’ portfolios to maximise medium term opportunities and address any areas of risk they see on the horizon for the coming six to eighteen months.

Oversight and governance

The committee has the responsibility to ensure our in house investment team is functioning efficiently, is suitably staffed to carry out its tasks and is performing well. This function also covers monitoring our own investment performance, approving significant changes to control processes, and communicating our views and principles with the wider firm and our clients.

Internal members

The internal members of the committee are permanent Gale and Phillipson employees representing either the senior management team, the investment team or the Wealth Planning Advisers. The internal members are all very
experienced and successful financial services professionals with vast experience within the investment and wider financial industry. Members include Investment Analysts who oversee most of the day to day work in running our clients’ portfolios efficiently; efficiently; Board members with an actuarial background who are looking to use that experience to improve consumer experiences; and Wealth Planning Advisers who bring a huge amount of experience in managing client portfolios as well as the opinions of the advisers to the committee.

External members

The external members of the committee are from a range of backgrounds and give the committee a wider market
view to ensure our decisions are as well informed they can be.

Call us now and one of our Financial Advisers will be happy to help or arrange a call back

Investment Committee

Simon Jagger

Investment Committee Member

Jonathan Fry

Investment Committee Member

Rupert Nabarro OBE

Investment Committee Member

Derek Dryden

Wealth Planning Adviser

Adam Galache-Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Griffin

Investment Director

Isabel Howdle

Investment Manager

Tim Piper

Wealth Planning Adviser

Regulatory Statement

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