Our team are recruited for their skills and knowledge of financial planning and investments, alongside their commitment to providing excellent service to clients.

Wealth Planning Advisers

David Andrews

Wealth Planning Adviser

David has 40 years’ experience in the financial services industry, both here in the UK and in Australia. Latterly his responsibilities extended to include all aspects of compliance and regulation. Spare time activities include voluntary work through a local service club, military history, reading, travel and gardening.

Craig Annan

Wealth Planning Adviser

Craig joined the company in 2016. He has over 22 years’ experience in the financial services industry - the majority of which has been working as an Independent Financial Adviser. Craig works with clients who have a wide range of personal financial planning needs and has a wealth of experience in all areas of financial planning, however he does specialise in pre- and post-retirement advice, wealth management, inheritance tax and estate preservation. He also works with corporate clients to look at areas of corporate protection.

As a country boy at heart, Craig enjoys using his spare time to enjoy travelling, fly fishing, walking, discovering new restaurants and live music.

Paul Bain

Wealth Planning Adviser

Paul joined the company in 2014. He works with clients who have a wide range of either corporate or personal financial planning needs and has a wealth of experience in all areas of financial planning, however Paul does specialise in Inheritance Tax / Trust planning and pre- and post-retirement advice. With over 17 years in the financial services industry - the majority of which was within the High Street Bank Wealth Management division - Paul has worked both as a Financial Adviser and a Manager. In his spare time Paul enjoys spending time with his family but he can often be found covered in mud being put through his paces in the extreme physical challenges of the 'Tough Mudder' obstacle courses.

Ashley Bell

Wealth Planning Adviser

Ashley has been in the financial services industry for 8 years, working previously at Indigo, now G&P. As such, he holds the Level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning, with his speciality being in retirement planning and investments. When not watching Crystal Palace, Ashley enjoys running and live music events.

Daniel Coburn

Wealth Planning Adviser

A lot of my clients have already accumulated their wealth and are looking at making it work harder in their retirement with no added risk. They may want to draw a regular income, have access to the capital for ad-hoc items of expenditure like holidays, or just know the money’s there when and if they need it. Many clients, at the same time, would like to know that what they don’t need in their lifetime can be passed onto their children as tax efficiently as possible.

A very reasonable set of objectives, some of which can have fairly complicated solutions. I believe I have the skill of turning the complicated into the straightforward: delivering advice in clear and straightforward terms, leaving clients in full possession of all the pertinent facts to enable them to always choose the best solution.

Terry Davies

Wealth Planning Adviser

Terry joined the company in January 2001. Terry has over 24 years experience of providing financial advice to clients, 19 of which have been spent as an independent financial adviser. He has developed strong links with a number of professional introducers during that time, and specialises in inheritance tax (IHT) mitigation and providing investment advice to trustees. He has completed the STEP certificate for Financial Services – Trusts and Estate Planning and is a member of STEP (Affiliate) demonstrating his expertise in this area.

Lucy Davison

Wealth Planning Adviser

Lucy has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry. She joined the company in 2012 after a highly successful career in banking, latterly providing financial advice to Halifax clients. Lucy specialises in financial planning and investment advice for clients in later life and is a member of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). In her spare time, Lucy enjoys watching Sunderland FC, spending time in the garden and with her family.

Derek Dryden

Wealth Planning Adviser

A specialist in holistic financial planning, Derek joined the company in 1999, having started his financial services career working in London in 1990. Derek is an investment specialist and works with clients in putting together effective and workable financial plans for life, that focus on tax planning, protection and building/preserving capital. As an Arsenal season ticket holder, Derek spends an unhealthy amount of his free time being entertained by the Gunners.

Christopher Harding-Edgar

Wealth Planning Adviser

Christopher has worked as an Independent Financial Adviser, mostly in his own business for the last 25 years. He graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Economics and History in 1972 and then spent the next 20 years owning and running Wine Bars and Restaurants in London! He now has Children and Grandchildren to keep him busy but when he has a chance to relax, enjoys doing so with the Telegraph crossword, a cigar and a glass of wine.

James Downing

Wealth Planning Adviser

I have worked in Financial Services since graduating from University where I read Law. I started my career with Aviva and have worked in Intermediary Sales and as a Platform Specialist at both Aviva and Quilter (formerly Old Mutual Wealth). More recently I have been advising clients across Teesside and the North East focusing on Pensions and Retirement Advice. Outside of work, I'm married and a proud father. I'm a Formula 1 racing fan and over the last couple of years have been learning to play golf.

Alison Harrison

Wealth Planning Adviser

Alison joined the company in 2019, starting her career providing financial advice within Lloyds banking group. Now with over 20 years providing holistic financial advice Alison believes financial advice should be accessible to everyone and continues to provide bespoke client solutions in plain English along with developing long term relationships.
Alison enjoys evenings with family and friends especially when eating in local restaurants and spending many weekends watching her two girls take part in dance competitions and planning the next family holiday.

Daniel Haley

Wealth Planning Adviser

Dan is a Chartered Financial Planner and also a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute. He started working for Gyr Financial Consulting in May 2011 as a Paraplanner, following several years in a similar position at a firm of Accountants. Since then he has progressed to his current role as a Senior Financial Adviser. Outside of work Dan has a keen interest in sport and regularly attends live events including football, NFL and horse racing.

Lee Jacobs

Wealth Planning Adviser

Lee joined the company in 2011 and is a Chartered Financial Planner with over 10 years’ experience in Financial Services. Lee’s aim is to make his clients’ lives easier by helping them structure their finances so that they are free to spend more time focusing on the issues in life that matter more to them. With a degree in History, Lee joined John Lewis on their IT Graduate Scheme, before moving to their in-house pensions department. His interest in personal finance led him to change career path to financial planning and he obtained the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and Chartered Financial Planner status in 2011. His interests out of work include football, chess and spending time with his young family.

Robin Joyner

Wealth Planning Adviser

Robin has 47 years’ experience in the industry having started with Dominion Lincoln in 1972 which was almost immediately acquired by J Henry Schroder Wag. 8 years there with 5 in sales management he went independent in 1980 offering holistic financial planning and discretionary management being an early member of NASDIM. The 4 eyes principal introduced by the PIA in 1994 saw the creation of International Portfolio management Ltd with a continuation in 2000 with City Asset Management until 2015 when he joined G&P. Robin is also a qualified Futures and Options representative. His interests include good food and wines, motor racing and track days, computers and games. He is fluent in English and Spanish his wife being from Seville.

Jay Lopian

Wealth Planning Adviser

Jay started his career as a Chartered Accountant before moving into the financial services industry in 2013. Jay holds level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning and specialises in pensions and Inheritance Tax planning. He also has extensive experience assisting businesses with their protection requirements and employee benefits. In his spare time Jay enjoys spending time with his young family but can sometimes be spotted on TV quiz shows, including a successful stint on Countdown.

Douglas Macnaught

Wealth Planning Adviser

Douglas joined the company in 2007 and holds the Diploma in Financial Planning. He has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, with roles including Ernst & Young and a financial adviser firm in Richmond. Douglas holds a degree in Economics and Marketing.

Mark Mann

Wealth Planning Adviser

I consider myself to be a safe pair of hands. Somebody that will ensure that a client’s money goes the distance, by taking a sensible, methodical, measured approach to what I do. I genuinely care about the outcome of my advice and I want my clients to achieve their financial goals.

Not only have I had many of my clients for a long time but there are lots of examples of having looked after the parents’ finances for decades, and now also acting for the children too. I work across the generations, advising clients who have taken over their parents’ businesses, or inherited their assets.

Typically, I’m giving investment advice to clients who want to take an income from their capital, so they can continue to live comfortably and not worry about their finances.

Tim Mason

Wealth Planning Adviser

Tim spent his formative years with firstly the Prudential and then Barclays Insurances Services. Nearly 35 years have since passed during which time Tim headed up the Financial Services arm of a top 20 accountancy practice before finally starting, in company with David Andrews, their own IFA practice which 18 years ago merged into Indigo, until joining G&P in August 2018.

Anthony Posner

Wealth Planning Adviser

What I concentrate on more than anything else is looking at the whole picture. I like to see and help my clients grow, reviewing a whole suite of products I’ve put in place for them over a period of time, running all their protection plans and investments; in fact, managing the whole of their financial planning portfolio. It is really important to me that I see improvements in a client’s financial circumstances which I’ve helped bring about and the progress we’ve made in meeting whatever objectives or goals they may have.

I get great satisfaction from seeing my regular clients frequently over the years, even if it’s not all connected to a long-term plan but just a series of separate transactions that are pieced together over time. When it’s time to review, clients really just want to see you to make sure everything's okay... it’s more about peace of mind and reassurance that you're there and looking after everything on their behalf.

Robert Rackliffe

Wealth Planning Adviser & Director

Robert is a Chartered Financial Planner and Director. He has worked in wealth management and retirement planning for over 39 years and has regularly written Financial Planning articles for the UK press and worked with BBC Radio 4 Moneybox and Radio 5 Live and BBC News 24. Robert is a keen environmentalist with a specific interest in birds and other wildlife. He travels extensively to watch and photograph animals.

Andrea Purdie

Wealth Planning Adviser

Andrea has worked in the Financial Services industry for over 28 years and specialises in investment, pension and strategic planning advice. Andrea also advises on long term care and inheritance tax planning. Her passion is horse riding and she is a keen gardener.

Donna Read

Wealth Planning Adviser

Donna started working for the company in 2001, having worked in a variety of roles until she became qualified as a Financial Adviser in 2004. She now specialises in advising both personal and Corporate clients on all financial planning needs. Donna holds the Diploma in Financial Planning and the CeMAP Mortgage Advice qualification. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, reading and chasing around after her little boy.

Paul Reeves

Wealth Planning Adviser

Paul joined the company in 2012. Having entered the world of financial services in 1997 initially as an insurance agent, then area manager, Paul has held various advisory roles. These advisory roles include spells at Friends Life and Aviva which took him all over the UK. He then set up his own small IFA business in 2007, which he ran successfully for 5 years until joining Gale and Phillipson. Paul holds level 4 Diploma in Financial Planning and enjoys working with both personal and corporate clients, with a keen interest in retirement and investment planning. In his spare time, Paul enjoys running, cycling, hill walking, football, travelling and photography.

Sandra Sanderson

Wealth Planning Adviser

Sandra joined the company 1998, having previously worked as a Building Society Manager for Cheltenham and Gloucester and having worked in the financial services industry since 1981. As a Chartered Financial Planner with over 20 years experience in Financial Services, Sandra advises clients in areas such as investments, pre and post retirement planning, protection and estate planning. Sandra also holds specialist long term care qualifications and is an accredited adviser of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA), and an Affiliate Member of the Society of Trustee and Estate Practitioners (STEP) .

Darren Smith

Wealth Planning Adviser

I generally see people from all walks of life providing a broad range of advice; from what used to be called the ‘upwardly mobile’ to the financially established at or near retirement. One moment I’m arranging life assurance for family protection, later I’m looking to mitigate a client’s potential inheritance tax liability. In the same way, I’m seeing directors of a start-up business one day and a family owned company that’s been passed down through different generations, the next.

As a young man I started in this industry arranging mortgages for people at a similar stage in life as mine and now I'm helping my clients’ children to get on to the housing ladder. I still like doing this as I believe I'm providing a very valuable service and I also like the variety of dealing with a range of different clients and all the different things they need.

Alan Sneddon

New Business Wealth Planning Adviser

Alan joined the Financial Services industry in July 1985 and has predominantly specialised in the pre and post retirement sector. Having covered many different roles within Gale and Phillipson since, Alan is now focussing on what he enjoys most, simply advising clients and helping them achieve their personal goals. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, reading, walking and travelling.

Elaine Snow

Wealth Planning Adviser

I consider myself to hold an important and, in many ways, privileged role. Many of our clients are with us for many years and we play an important part in ensuring their finances are robust enough to work for them throughout their lives. As such, I take great pride in getting to know each and every one of my clients personally, understanding them and their families, and always doing my very best on their behalf.

Financial advisers tend to be needed at the key moments in someone’s life, some of them during joyous events and through times of success, and others around sad events and troubled periods. It's one thing helping clients with their finances from a positive starting point, but a good adviser must also be able to help when situations are less positive too.

David Walton

Wealth Planning Adviser

When I see a client for the first time I say to them “you won’t get an adviser that cares more about you” and I’m confident that the clients I’ve looked after for many years will vouch for the fact that live up to this billing.

I provide the same level of care whether I’m dealing with multi-millionaires, QCs and judges or with self-employed builders, and equally skilled whether it’s analysing a successful business person’s financial requirements, or counselling two siblings coping with parents who both have Alzheimer’s disease and just need support and guidance.

Michael Walton

Assistant to the G&P Board

There’s no substitute for experience and I’m certainly a better equipped adviser today than I was back in 1987 when I started working in financial services. Both my professional and personal life experiences have contributed to the knowledge base and set of skills I’ve developed over this period, which I take into every client meeting.

I like having relaxed conversations with clients, carefully listening and absorbing what they are telling me about their circumstances, gently prompting them to expand on what they’re saying so I get a thorough understanding of their situation and requirements. People need to trust their adviser and meetings like these are a good opportunity for a new client to get to know me too and to start building that confidence in me that’s so important.

David Weston

Wealth Planning Adviser

David joined the company in 2008, having spent all of his career in Financial Services. David was a partner in his own business for 10 years prior to its merger with the company in 2008. Before this he has held roles with a major UK Life and Insurance Company. David specialises in helping clients with pre and post-retirement planning and investment management requirements. In his spare time, he enjoys horse racing and even fulfilled a lifelong ambition to ride as a jockey a few years' ago.

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