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Dynamic Cash Management

23rd August 2018

Dynamic Cash Management is an innovative, whole of market discretionary savings management service. Established in 2010, Dynamic Cash Management was the first service of its kind in the UK. With years of specialist experience, we provide savings management solutions for private clients, attorneys and deputies, charities, academies and businesses alike.


We know the difficulties faced when managing cash

Researching the top cash savings accounts can be time consuming. Top rates are often offered for a limited period, which means the research needs to be repeated regularly to maintain a competitive return.

Comparison websites can offer information, however many only show a snap-shot of what is available in the market place and they don’t tell you whether the provider is financially sound or suitable for you.

In addition, the accounts offered on comparison sites can be with savings providers that you have never heard of. Finding the right information to make an informed decision about the suitability of the provider isn’t easy.

Dynamic Cash Management can offer a solution. Our clients’ cash is actively managed to prioritise security and deliver consistently competitive rates of interest while minimising administration. All portfolios are completely bespoke and driven by a thorough understanding of the needs and objectives of our clients and for extra security and peace of mind, the cash is always held in your name.

The benefits of using Dynamic Cash Management are:

• Avoid time consuming research:
We carry out whole of market research (which includes accounts from over 165 banks and building societies). From here we select the most competitive accounts for you based on access requirements you set.

• Be confident in the institutions who hold your cash:
We do the due diligence checks on the banks and building societies so you don’t have to. We will continuously monitor the banks and building societies and only place your cash with reputable financial institutions.

• Spend less time on administration:
We provide admin assistance in setting up and maintaining a number of accounts. We simplify the paperwork for you to make sure form filling is kept to the absolute minimum necessary.

• Achieve a consistently competitive return:
Cash is actively managed to achieve a consistently competitive return. We review accounts regularly and suggest moving accounts when something more competitive is available. We will let you know when accounts need to be changed, eg when a bonus rate expires or a maturity date is approaching.

• Deal with a person, not a machine:
We will allocate a dedicated Client Manager who will deal with your account from the moment the cash is deposited. We are responsive. Our Client Managers listen to you, understand your cash account requirements and act on your instructions.

• Ability to keep track of return and obtain information for tax return:
We provide two statements a year showing full transactions on your account. We provide one consolidated report to save you time and hassle when completing your tax returns.

• Access to account information any time:
Check on the account balance online, anytime day or night. View previously issued statements and keep up to date with the access requirements we have recorded on file.

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