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Update on how Gale and Phillipson is reacting to the Coronavirus

18th March 2020

Dear G&P Client

Message from Gale and Phillipson to all clients regarding our continued service

If you’re worried about coronavirus (COVID-19) and what it might mean for you, your money and your finances, then we want to reassure you that at Gale and Phillipson we’re always here to help.

At Gale & Phillipson the safety and well-being of our clients and employees is always our priority, and we recognise the important role we play in providing our clients with information and updates in relation to the impact of COVID-19/Coronavirus, on your money during this critical time.

We are actively monitoring and implementing the changing advice from the UK Government, regarding this extraordinary situation and taking steps to help keep our clients and employees well informed and safe.

We wanted to share with you some steps we are taking…..

Protecting Gale & Phillipson clients and employees

As G&P employees interact with clients and the general public on a regular basis, we have taken steps to limit all exposure to the virus. We have put restrictions on travel, are postponing large-scale events and limiting the size and number of meetings.

We will continue to provide our clients with their normal ongoing G&P Partnership Service including annual reviews dependent on their individual situation.

What we mean by this is as follows:

  • G&P Advisers and the branch support teams are always available to support and discuss your needs and requirements.
  • For vulnerable clients, clients aged over 65, those clients in poorer health or in self-isolation, scheduled annual G&P Partnership Reviews will now be carried out remotely by telephone/SKYPE.
  • Annual G&P Partnership Reviews for all other clients will continue to be conducted as normal, (face to face or remotely) unless after discussion between you as our client and your G&P Adviser, that it is felt best/or you would prefer, to have your Partnership Review conducted remotely.
  • We would be happy to agree to temporarily postpone your annual G&P Partnership Review meeting and book it in for a future date at the time we call you to arrange the meeting. However, with Covid-19 impacting on the investment markets and various economic factors, we would strongly recommend that all client Partnership Reviews continue as normal where at all possible, as all Partnership Review meetings can be conducted remotely by telephone/SKYPE etc.

In our own offices, we have ramped up regular cleaning and have sourced as many sanitizers and protective supplies as required. Additionally, we have put protocols in place that activate closures,

disinfection and appropriate quarantine procedures where and if necessary, based on recommendations by the UK Government, NHS and other local health agencies.  You can be comforted to know that G&P as a business continues to reinforce safe behavior in every environment.

Assisting our employees to be able to continue to communicate with our clients

We are in continuous communication with our employees reminding them about the importance of good hygiene, providing them with health education and support whenever needed. Employees who feel ill have been told to not report to work and we have specific quarantine and communication procedures in place should an employee be diagnosed with COVID-19 or is asked to self-isolate by a public health authority, and to provide comprehensive benefits to support them.

Our commitment to our clients and our local communities

The role G&P plays via our local branch office network and online, in keeping ourselves and clients connected is incredibly important in times like these.  We have been investing in technology and have the flexibility and proactive culture, which means that we have in place proper contingency plans to ensure service continuity for you, our clients.

Stay fraud safe – be alert

Unscrupulous people are using the coronavirus outbreak as a new way to use fear to try and scam people. They may call, text or email and pretend to be us with advice on any financial matter.

We’ll never call, email or text and ask you to move money to another investment and if we do email you and you’re not certain or unsure, then please contact your relevant adviser or branch.

Remember, we’re here for you, and as the situation in the UK changes, we will continue to communicate regularly with all G&P clients and look at what more we can do to support people moving forward.

What we ask of you

We are taking every precaution to ensure the safety and health of our communities, but we need your help. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms and have a scheduled appointment, please let your G&P Adviser and/or local G&P Branch know so that we can discuss options with you to ensure our collective well-being.

Additionally, we can provide remote digital communication solutions to help you manage your financial planning, investments and pensions, and receive relevant customer support.


If you feel concerned, affected, need help or just a chat, then please get in touch so we can talk you through what we can do to help you.

Remember, the G&P name has been in business for over 135 years, and it is our intention to still be in business, servicing you, your families and the next generation of G&P clients in another 135 years

As always, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families well, and to thank you for being a valued client of G&P, and for your continued trust as we manage your money and financial planning together, through this extraordinary time.

Best Wishes

David Carr


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