How We Work

Our Financial Advice Process is straightforward.

The way we work provides our clients with a unique combination of honest and impartial financial planning and expert investment management.  We provide flexibility and assurance in our handling of your finances, with the agility to act immediately and efficiently to meet your own individual financial needs and attitude to risk.

All this comes naturally to us and allows us to offer an unrivalled financial planning and investment service.

If you choose to engage our services, we can work with you as follows:

One-off initial advice (Transactional Service)

We appreciate you may only need limited financial analysis and recommendations.  In which case, our initial advice will be appropriate for you based on your requirements and circumstances at that time.  Any initial advice will be for specific immediate requirements and will not be suitable for a later date unless you specifically ask us to do this. You may wish to ask us to carry out a review as and when other financial planning matters arise in the future.

Ongoing advice service (Partnership Service)

Regardless of your financial circumstances, much can change over a period of time.  If you want to build on and protect your financial position, we can work with you on an ongoing basis.  In addition to any initial advice we provide, we can work with you on an ongoing basis to provide further work to review and look after you and your existing financial planning arrangements and investments.  By reviewing your financial goals, we can reflect any changes in your personal situation over time in to your financial plan.  This way you can prepare for the unexpected and make sure your objectives remain on target and achievable.

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Privacy Statement

Gale and Phillipson Ltd and its subsidiaries Gale & Phillipson (Life & Pensions) Ltd and Gale & Phillipson (Financial Management) Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA 431387, 142752 and 195080) and all trade under the name Gale and Phillipson. Registered in England and Wales, numbers 05409822, 03751076 and 02232959. Registered office: Gallowfields House, Fairfield Way, Richmond, DL10 4TB.

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