Estate Preservation & Inheritance Tax Planning

Effective inheritance tax planning is essential to avoid leaving a substantial tax liability at death, thereby substantially reducing the value of the estate passing on to beneficiaries.

We can help you with Inheritance Tax Planning and Estate Preservation by assessing how we can minimise your tax liability and maximise what you can pass on to your loved ones.

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Why choose Gale and Phillipson?

Our Advisers will discuss with you all financial planning areas where we can help you safeguard your dependants and protect against unexpected bereavement. We can advise you on reducing your inheritance tax liability, making a tax-efficient Will, and providing a tax-free cash lump sum for your dependants in the event of your death.

We can also advise you on wider family protection needs, from life assurance to healthcare cover.

Life is unpredictable, it can be exciting, it can be daunting, but whatever happens, we will work with you to make sure your family’s future needs are secured. With careful planning we can safeguard your family finances, no matter what the future holds.

For effective estate protection and inheritance tax planning considerations these are the areas to consider:

  1. Preserving your family’s wealth
  2. Wills
  3. Effects and minimisation of estate duty
  4. Effects of capital gains tax
  5. Trusts
  6. Personal Assets
  7. Business Assets

We specialise in the following areas of estate preservation and inheritance tax planning:

  • Discounted Gift Trusts
  • Whole of Life Assurance
  • Trusts
Call us now and one of our Financial Advisers will be happy to help or arrange a call back
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