Cash Savings

Cash Savings

You work hard for your cash, make it work hard for you


Our ‘whole of market’ cash savings service is designed to ensure your cash earns consistently competitive interest, is monitored constantly for security and saves you time, effort and worry.

The service works by researching and selecting the most suitable accounts for you from the whole of the savings market.  We choose competitive accounts for you from reputable institutions. We move the money when rates change and new opportunities arise. We arrange the paperwork and we keep you informed.



Why choose Gale and Phillipson?

With many savings accounts offering pitifully low interest rates, you face a new set of challenges when trying to get the most from your cash savings. Our clients’ cash is actively managed to prioritise security and deliver consistently competitive rates of interest while minimising administration.

Make sure your cash savings are not underestimated as an asset class and can still make returns despite a low interest environment. Ask one of our Financial Advisers about maximising your cash savings and we will be happy to help or Arrange a call back and we will call you.

Call us and one of our team will be happy to help or arrange a call back

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